Report of the working experience of second year’s project.!Ar5Lr95B8HpBmXYOU77ooX_suV0F?e=PsBcKN

It’s a depiction of the poem, 21st Century Ruin by Noah Downs. It is my interpretation of the poem, taking the audience through a day in the life of the character in the poem experiencing loneliness and nostalgia, longing for the care & comfort of home but also holding onto hope that they will learn and grow on their own after leaving home. ——Amelia

This is Amelia’s animation, and I think the story and idea is Meaningful and creative.The animated shots and transitions are very interesting and smooth. There are amazing connections between each clip. This is something I really want to learn.

After some communication, Amelia decided to give me the job of making a transition look smoother.It’s basically a figure turning (they’re laying down, and the camera turns from a side- view to an overhead view)

I was worried I couldn’t draw well so I used Maya to set up a model and camera as reference. And I use the render pics to keep consistent proportions.

And I also used the turnaround reference to finish it.

Finally, I finish it by 2 days, and this is part of my final work (it is just a draft because Amelia is keep paintting.).

Amelia thought my method works really well and it’s all consistent proportions.

I think it can exercise my animation foundation, because I think I am good at drawing but not good at transition, so it is useful for me. And Amelia said: it’ll push your drawing skills too because you have to find a way to keep everything consistent! Even if you don’t want to animate, you’ll get loads of practice drawing, that’s what I thought.

Thank you for looking!

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